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XOmB is an exokernel operating system being written by students at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California Santa Cruz. The core values of the project include a focus on innovation, future-minded development, and eschewing of no longer needed legacy concepts. Our current design exploits the advanced 64-bit memory controllers on modern multicore chips.

The XOmB project wishes to be a portal to encouraging better practices within the computer science field. As such, the project is very concerned with education. This Wiki serves as a place where ideas can be expressed by and for like-minded individuals so that we all may learn. Please feel free to contribute and absorb as much as needed. Thank you.




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Our Core Values:

Liber et Publicus

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Foundations of Computer Science

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Sometimes, it's easiest to learn by example. So we've come up with a bunch of cookbook style guides for quick and dirty learning.

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