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A collection of resources, mostly systems research papers, to draw from when considering design decisions.

XOmB Influences

Problem, What Problem?

"In short, OSes are complex, fragile, inflexible, and slow, because they have dabbled in the practice of providing a general purpose virtual machine. The OS is basically hardware masquerading as software: it cannot be changed, all applications must use it, and the information it hides cannot be recovered"

  • Efficiency Matters! don't focus on scalability to the point where you ignore per-node performance


Alternate OS architectures (micro/exo/nano-kernels)

  • KeyKOS nanokernel - an ultra-reliable Utility Computing kernel supporting multiple OSes. similar goals to the exokernel
  • exokernel - securely multiplex and expose all hardware resources. leave abstraction to userspace library operating systems
  • microkernel - inter-process communication is the fundamental abstraction. most privileged code is moved to 'server' processes which may be able to be restarted in case of a failure

OSes designed for Multicore Scalability

Userspace Systems Abstractions


  • Implementing cthreads in Xok finally, some details about the Xok scheduler :)
  • Scheduler Activations - rather than giving processes the illusion of continuous execution on a dedicated CPU, this paper proposes communication between OS and process about when and where the process is scheduled.
  • CPU Inheritance Scheduling awesome userspace scheduling mechanism that supports other schemes including activations.

Virtual Memory

Disk Buffer Management


Market-based Resource Scheduling

Old List

File Systems

Metadata and Naming


Performance Considerations



Caches and Scheduling

  • Page Coloring - use knowledge of CPU cache associativity to assign certain physical pages to certain processes, effectively dedicating portions of the cache to each process
  • affinity scheduling- to get the best use of CPU caches, run processes on the same CPU that they were last scheduled on

Scalable Synchronization


Driver-ish Specialization

Encapsulated Drivers


Virtual Devices


Formal Verification

Opposing Viewpoints



In the Cloud



Finding Systems Papers

If you can't access a paper due to ACM/IEEE paywall, try CiteseerX or check the authors' websites.

Systems Group's publications pages

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